GUI Scripting - Introduction

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Before proceeding, you might want to refer SAP GUI Scripting API documentation.


If you cannot find this or need help, please write to


In this example we will use SAP GUI Scripting process on transaction CM01. We will download the details for Capacity Planning in a text file. This kind of transaction recording and playback is otherwise not possible with regular (RFC based) Transaction record, map and run method.


This Tutorial should provide basic understanding of how to use GUI Scripting with Process Runner.


Note: In order to use GUI Scripting, your SAP server must have enabled this option. Check if GUI Scripting is enabled or not, follow these simple step.


1.Bring the SAP logon pad.

2.Click on any system that you want to perform this check. Please note that no logon information is required for this system.

3.Click on "Option" in the SAP GUI

4.Check if "Script Recording and Playback" is enabled or grayed out.


hmtoggle_plus1GUI Scripting Enabled


hmtoggle_plus1GUI Scripting Disabled