Resolving SNC Error

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If you are logging to SAP via SNC (Secured Network Connection), you may face an issue logging to SAP from Process Runner. Process Runner may indicate "SNC Error" within iNETConnector window, similar to one below.



Cause of the problem: Process Runner cannot find SNC Library file because either it is not in default path or there is no environment variable set to tell it where to look. The reason SAP GUI can find it because, it was told where to look for SNC Library.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps to tell Process Runner where to find SNC Lib file:

1. Find sncgs32.dll file on your computer:

a) Open Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
b) Enter cd\ at the end of the existing command.



c)Enter “dir sncgs32.dll /s/a” (without quotes). Please be patience. This may take long time as it is scanning your entire C drive.



d)If requested file is found, move to step 4. If not, proceed to next step.
e)Repeat step 2 and enter “dir gssapi32.dll /s/a”



f)If requested file is found, move to step 4. If not, proceed to next step.


2. If you cannot find above mentioned file, go to command prompt (Run->CMD) and type SET and press ENTER.


Please note this path for SNC_LIB environment variable and move to step 4 to set this path in Process Runner

3. If you still cannot resolve this issue, please send following screen shots to

a. Screen shot of error message that you received

b. Screen shot as per step 2 i.e. Command Prompt screen shot of SET output

c. Send screen shot as per 4B below from your Process Runner.

4. Set the path (found from step 1 or 2) in Process Runner/iNetConnector.

A.Go to Process Runner and click Tools->SAP Shortcut... You see SAP Logon entries similar to following window.



B. Click on "Advance" tab and point the path of sncgs32.dll (if found) or gssapi32.dll (if sncgs32.dll was not found). Once done, go back to "Server” and attempt to login to server you want.



Notes: Once you set the path, Process Runner will remember it and you will not have to set this again. If you have this problem on many computers in your enterprise, please set environment SNC_LIB to point to correct path and Process Runner will use that path automatically. If you still face the problem or need further help, please contact us at


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