Multi Line Transaction - Introduction

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Purchase and sales orders, Bills of Materials, Periods in condition records and planning transactions contain multiple lines to be entered. Normally these lines are maintained in Excel in more than one row. Process Runner can handle these types of scenario easily.


With Process Runner’s various natural mapping types eliminates to need to separately identify your Excel data. You will not need to modify Excel data to mark Header and Details records – Process Runner will do that intelligently for you.


We will see this by a simple example.


Sales Order – One header line followed by one or more detail line items. 

Let’s presume that we have two to three Customer Purchase Orders. For each of which we would create a sales order in our system by entering a list of Material Number & their respective quantity. We will use SAP Transaction code VA01.

Data File for Upload

It is presumed that you already know what you want to change and you already have all the required data in Excel file. If you do not have required data in Excel, you might want to work that out before you start.




Download the sample data Excel file ready to use from below link.



Our upload file looks like this.





Recording VA01 Transaction