Transaction Tutorial  - Introduction

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Process Runner can upload and download data from SAP to Excel. For the purpose of this section, we will focus on how to use Process Runner with SAP Transaction and upload Excel data to SAP.


We will take a simple example of updating material master in SAP. One has to perform following steps while working with Process Runner:


1.Decide which SAP transaction to be used to upload the data.

2.Prepare the Excel Spreadsheet.

3.Record a sample transaction.

4.Map Excel columns and cells to SAP fields.



Once you understand the given example, you can run almost any SAP transaction using same method in Process Runner.


Note: Process Runner can execute transaction in any SAP modules. You can use Process Runner not only to update or change data in SAP but also to create data, to print, to delete, or simply to check existence of data.






SAP Transaction Code to upload data